Clearly not satisfied with the prospect of commanding our attention for only four hours with its awards show coverage, MTV decided to up the ante with a VMAs edition of Catfish. While I initially thought to hold this against them, this was by far one of the wildest episodes I’ve ever seen of the show—somewhat making up for the interruption of my regularly scheduled viewing habits. If nothing else, Max and Nev, y’all kept things interesting. Even so, you still have some ‘splaining to do with the company you keep and broadcast to the world.

What started out as your typical expose on the idiocies of the horny and the gullible ended up morphing into some odd chain of events with a personality best surmised as “The Catfish Avenger.” I can handle slight detours into Crazy Town, but last night’s episode teetered towards Tyler Perry levels of ridiculous—including the bad acting. Let’s try to make sense of this sensationalism.

Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)