Recent years have provided significant steps forward in terms of high-tech clothing. We now have pants that charge your iPod, shirts that help to regulate your body temperature, and jackets that harness energy: unfortunately, we also have a lot really dumb clothing inventions. The history books only remember the great breakthroughs and the men and women who burst out of the pack to create something to that truly contributes to, or even revolutionizes, society. What the history books often neglect to mention are the weird creations that people come up with along the way. We decided to take a look at how the fashion industry is using technology in some of the most ridiculous, strange, worthless, and terrible ways imaginable. We found disappearing tops, spandex laced with caffeine, and a "power bracelet" which, well, isn't very powerful. These are The 15 Worst Uses of Technology in Clothing.

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