Drunkard of the year: Man driving with suspended license gets seventh DUI
Registered meth labs: 7
Total number of strip clubs: 1
Most ratchet moment of 2013 (so far): Meth lab explosion damages apartment building
Number of IHOPs: 0

Once again, we don't want to kick Detroit while it's down (and it's in the sewer right now), but we can talk for a moment about Flint and its issues. Widely recognized as one of—if not the most—dangerous cities in the country, Flint ain't your family-friendly vacation destination. Hell, there isn't even an IHOP within city limits. Detroit might have have more crimes, but it's also roughly sevem times as large as Flint; Flint's size is why it's violent crime rate is so high. Every now and then, there's a non-violent crime that sticks out, like that early morning meth lab explosion. Or the morning discovery of a meth lab in a Flint Township hotel back in February.

We don't mean to pick on Flint; it's already been christened "Murdertown, USA," and it's not a game out there. Hopefully it will fall out of that top spot on the all of these "most dangerous cities" lists, but until the figurative rain cloud that hovers above the city finally moves elsewhere, Flint is an unfortunate destination on the ratchet map.