Drunkard of the year: Woman flees police, gets third DUI arrest after argument with boyfriend
Registered meth labs: 1
Total strip clubs: 5
Most ratchet moment of 2013 (so far): Illegal handgun and $7,000 worth of weed and crack uncovered in drug bust
Number of IHOPs: 3

It may be a great city for fans of rap music, but Baton Rouge's violent crime rate has made national headlines in recent years. In fact, crime has been such an issue in the city, that it has forced businesses to think long and hard about moving there, which is horrible for the city's economy. Furthermore, Baton Rouge has roughly 800 homeless residents, and the city's Metro Council-approved Homeless Outreach Prevention Efforts (HOPE) method of handling the issue was to shuttle them out of town. After  establishing that they had jobs or family elsewhere, they just shipped them off. Call it what you what, but this seems more like moving the problem elsewhere rather than solving it.

This is the same place that birthed the tragically uncouth Webbie and Lil Boosie, whose release from Angola State Prison has been anticipated since he was acquitted of murder charges following a 2010 indictment. As Boosie reminded us, we all have some ratchet in us, and he picked his up in Baton Rouge.