The word "ratchet" has invaded popular culture over the past few years, being used ad nauseam to describe reckless behavior. Though many use (and abuse) the word, few know its origins. It began with a song and dance, which can be traced back to Shreveport, La. and Lava House's Lil Boosie-assisted "Do Da Ratchet." Now the term has been perverted, synonymous with all things MediaTakeOut and WorldStarHipHop-related. 

The year 2012 should've been the D.O.R., or rather the "Death of Ratchet," but, inexplicably, the word is still alive and kicking. People won't let it go because they see and hear it everyday, sometimes even spoken aloud. As much as we hate to use the word, it's an easy way to communicate the facepalm-worthy calibur of certain actions, people, and, yes, even cities.

Before we retire the word, we decided to highlight some American cities where ratchet is a way of life. Admittedly arbitrary categories such as registered meth labs, strip club frequency, and the most ridiculously drunk individuals may not be an accurate way to assess a city on the whole, but are wildly telling when it comes to deciphering just how ratchet a city is. It's with tongue pressed firmly in cheek that we present the 15 most ratchet cities in the U.S.

Let's go out with a final chuckle before we bury the ratchet.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)

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