How many times a day do you log in to your social media accounts? Once, twice? More? According to a survey by, more than half of social media users are addicted to signing in thanks to FOMO: the 'Fear of Missing Out' syndrome.

By not signing in at least once every day, sufferers feel they are missing out on important events and news, or direct messages may be sent their way they'll need to immediately check. In the survey, 26 percent of people said they would trade in a habit such as smoking or reality TV to make sure they could sign on to their social media accounts. 51 percent of participants said they sign in more frequently now than they did two years ago, and 27 percent said checking their accounts was the first thing they did in the morning. With more and more social media services opening all the time (i.e. Vine, Pinterest), 42 percent of participants claim to have multiple accounts. 

Check out an illustrated graphic of the results here