Attention New York City residents: there's a movie theater which is now even more ideal for getting frisky, whether you're a horny teenager or just eager to revisit your horny teenager years. The AMC Loews theater located at West 84th Street in Manhattan, previously relegated to mediocrity by a "C" grade from the Department of Health and labeled the worst theater in the city by Gothamist in March, has undergone a much-needed remodeling. Back in May, it installed red leather-ish reclining loveseats to all six of its auditoriums. Now, each room has between 110 and 183 of the new seats, making the theater attractive to couples looking to—at the very least—tongue each other down.

According to an attendant identified only as Beatrice, “Couples love it!," adding that she and other employees had to "gently" ask the two couples caught making out during Man of Steel to cool it. (They weren't missing anything.) Naturally, teenagers love the new and improved theater. Richard Velazquez says a young couple was already merged at the lips by the time previews for World Ward Z began. 

“We put the seats back and got cozy together. At the scary parts, she kept grabbing onto me," said 17-year-old Jonathan Santiago of his afternoon screening of the disaster flick turned-grope-session with his 17-year-old girlfriend Diosmayra Bueno. That's better than the backseat of a car or another more scandalous location.

The New York Post notes that if reclining leather seats and darkness can't help you seal the deal with a date, your game is suspect, if not flat-out weak. We agree, because nothing screams passion like loveseats, an intimate atmosphere and paying too much for a movie you're not paying attention to. It sure as hell beats a $200 date.

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