This years Major League Gaming Spring Championships were the largest competitive gaming event in MLG history. With over 21,000 competitors and fans attending the three-day event in Anaheim, Ca.

The MLG got a major boost when Dwight Howard, Dez Bryant, Ty Lawson and DeJuan Blair joined the the fray to battle off between pro-athlete and pro-gamers. While we're sure the pro-gamers were taking it easy on the big guns it was great to see the MLG mix it up with NBA and NFL this year and it seems to have bolstered attendance. Oh and don't forget the gameplay, it was top notch.

The next MLG event will be the Pro Circuit Champtionships in Columbus, Ohio on November 22-24. We're excited to see who they bring in and who gets stomped. If you missed the coverage then catch up with Video on Demand at

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