Anyone with at least one working eyeball can see Stevie J for the misogynistic, womanizing, manipulative creep that he is. As soon as the ball on Obamacare gets to rolling, Joseline, you see about an optometrist, you hear? I don’t agree with Stevie J that a man is supposed to propose marriage. Yes, that's the tradition, but I thought Destiny’s Child ended all of that with Parts I and II of “Independent Women?” No? Whatever—my point is Joseline played herself like a game of spades asking Stevie to marry her only to see him propose some kind of Sister Wives-themed relationship between him, Joseline, and Mimi. Mimi had the chuckle of her life watching an embarrassed Joseline go from light and fluffy to full on Hulk, going oops, upside the head of both Stevie and the numerous bodyguards who tried to hold Joseline back.

I really need to send Joseline Hernandez a copy of What’s Love Got To Do With It? and a notebook full of old Mary J. Blige lyrics. As worthy as she is of love and adoration, this woman is damaged. As for Mimi, two points for her getting a well earned ha-ha towards the end, but need I remind her that this is now the second season of her performing a bunch of anti-Stevie monologues that haven’t amounted to a damn thing considering she’s very much still in his back pocket. Joseline may be wasting her good looks on a no good man, but she’s younger and has a lot left to learn. What’s your excuse, Mimi? Riddle me that in season three. Good luck.