Benzino made a music video with a Canal Street version of Joseline Hernandez, resulting in his on-again, off-again homie for life, Stevie J, asking him what in the hell is his problem. Likewise, Joseline explained to Benzino that after you apologize for poor behavior, you don’t go back to repeating said bad behavior. This is especially true if it’s in the name of making a wack video for an even wacker diss song. Benzino, your short-lived rap career peaked on that track that had Lisa Raye rapping, “Don diva, first name LisaRaye, freshly dipped in Burberr-ay.” 

Besides, everyone knows the best diss track from this show is Che Mack crafted, Joseline-bashing “S.A.B. (Slut Ass Bitch).”