This year's Evo fighting game championship drew record numbers of viewers on Twitch. 1.7 million viewers watched the tournaments' official livestream channels.

Matthew DiPietro, Vice president of marketing at Twitch, said that concurrent viewership during Evo peaked at 144,848 for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Super Smash Bros. Melee drew 134,000 viewers and Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition got about 125,000.

Twitch says those huge numbers smashed all records for fighting game tournaments at nearly 50 percent higher than last year's Evo which held the previous record. Nintendo originally had not allowed Evo organizers to livesteam Super Smash Bros. Meleeonly to reverse its decision days before the event to the benefit of viewers.

To see who won big at this year's Evo check out their official website.

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[Via Polygon]