After months of gameplay issues, the Maxis developed action RPG Spore spin-off Darkspore has been pulled from the Steam store.

Darkspore, has had persistent server issues since its release in 2011. Issues resulted in players being unable to log in to the game, lost saved games, and general unplayability for many users. Published by Electronic Arts, the game required users to be connected to EA's servers at all times, even if not playing online, which at one point denied new players access for nine days. EA's servers have since become notorious after the SimCity debacle when sever-side issues made the game completely lock down and retailers pulled or announced that the game would unplayable at the time of purchase.

Maxis has no plans to fix the game's many issues according to Darkspore's Offical Forum Darkspore is "for almost all intents and purposes an abandoned title."

While Darkspore is no longer available on Steam it is still available for purchase on Origin even though at this time it is basically unplayable to most users.

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[Via NeoGaf]