A new challenge pack DLC for BioShock: Infinite is out today but more surprisingly Irrational Games has dropped a trailer for the next DLC to take us back to Rapture.

BioShock Infinite: Clash in The Clouds is out today and includes 60 new challenges that focus heavily on combat. Complete all sixty and "players will unlock exclusives in the Colombian Archeological Society, gaining access to new Voxophones, Kinetoscopes, concept art and more." So if Infinite didn't have heavy enough combat for you, this DLC was clearly made to satisfy your bloodlust.

The following paragraph may have so mild spoilers, so if you haven’t finished Infinite just walk away, play, and read the rest in about ten hours.

We're going back to Rapture! Returning to Rapture in Infinite was one of the biggest OMGWTF moments of a very twisting and dire storyline. Now Burial at Sea will take the characters from Infinite and put then in pre-BioShock Rapture, back in the good old days of the utopia. Although we doubt if you can call this a prequel, as the timeline doesn't really exist anymore in the BioShock universe, we're sure it’ll be confusingly wonderful.

No word on when Burial at Sea will be released but Irrational is on top of their DLC game.

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