Show: The Walking Dead (AMC)
Date: 11/4/2012

The circumstances of Lori's (Sarah Wayne Callies) death were as dramatic as any TV death in recent memory. She certainly got a better send-off than T-Dog (IronE Singleton), whose death generated more riveting cultural discourse than compelling television. The reason we rank Lori's death so low is that people didn't like her. The reaction on Twitter, both from the spoilers and the spoiled, was "good riddance." Lori's (completely understandable, btw) cheating and her paranoia regarding the fate of her child turned many fans against her. (This is just the case of an audience turning against a female character, a la the irrational hatred of Skyler White on Breaking Bad—look for an essay on this come August.)

Though the circumstances of Lori's death were surprising, what would have been rage from many fans over being spoiled was tempered by relief that a grating character had been put out of her misery, ending theirs.