It was 2007 when Beats unleashed their first pair of Beats Studio headphones unto the world. Now, they can be seen propped on the ears of everyone in the subways, suburbs, or studios. Fast forward five years later, and now the Studio headphones are getting their first makeover.

Beats is introducing a new Beats Acoustic Engine (BAE) with each new pair of Studios, which they say uses custom digital software to process music and improve quality over the Studio's last iteration. The company also placed emphasis on noise cancelling, and not just for your tunes. While playing music, the headphones will automatically step into 'music mode', which is a fancy way of saying the noise cancelling function is on during playback. But Beats states that they have tweaked the system so that music quality isn't degraded while the feature is being used, as is the case for most headphones that have noise cancelling functions. A cool addition, though, is that you can turn on noise cancelling without having the headphones plugged in. Just hit a button on the side of headphones and it will cancel out whatever noise is around you, whether it be barking dogs or nearby construction. Downside: whether you want to or not, you can't turn off the noise cancelling feature during playback.

The Studio's body has been redesigned as well, now with more curves than before. Beats set out to make the body 20-percent lighter than its predecessor, while making the ear cups even larger. Battery life has been improved, and lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. Also, the headphones will automatically turn on when you plug them into a power source, and power off when you remove them.

There is still a large emphasis on bass, which has been a previous criticism of the headphones. This means they typically sound best with electronic music, pop and hip-hop. Though, to their credit, the bass has been adjusted to sound tighter than before. 

The new Beats Studio headphones will be out August 4 and retail for $299.95.

[via Mashable]