In some games, mini games are added as a mere afterthought. They're distractions meant to pad the game out and add to the length, or one-off events that you'll fret and frustrate over for a few minutes before realizing they don't matter and moving on.

In others, mini games are the game. They're the whole point. These games are nothing more than massive collections of mini games. There's nothing wrong with that—we love a good party game as much as the next bloke.

But one thing is true of all mini games, no matter the context: some are better than others. That's why we decided to compile this list of the 25 coolest, most ridiculous, and most memorable mini games in existence. They range from classics in Mario and Zelda games to entire retro games jammed onto loading screens. What's for sure is that we're not likely to forget any of them soon.

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