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"Restructuring" is never a good word, especially if you're an employee at a company who will be doing the said restructuring. Zynga, the company responsible for bringing you the Facebook classic, Farmville, and the equally as impressive and game-changing, Farmville 2, is laying off 520 of its employees (which is about 18-percent of its workforce), and closing offices in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas—with everything to be completed by August. 

"I think we all know this is necessary to move forward," said Zynga CEO and Founder Mark Pincus in a memo. With these cuts, Zynga will be saving upwards to $80 million in costs. Farmville 2 actually has more than 40 million monthly users, but active users were down by 13% from last year. 

Was this something Farmville 3 couldn't fix?

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