Every issue, we bring you The Complex 40, an inventory of our staff's current likes and dislikes. And with summer upon us, you can only imagine what we're thinking...

1. High-fiving dogs
2. Partying with nerds
3. Drunk golf
4. River tubing
5. Throwing knives
6. Illegal fireworks
7. Fire hydrants, cranked out
8. Being sexploited for your air conditioning
9. A reliable sneaker connect
10. Drop-off laundry service
11. Sneaking into hotel pools
12. The exodus of people who “summer”
13. Vietnamese iced coffee
14. Graham cracker crusts
15. Tastefully rocking throwback jerseys
16. Fried okra
17. Videos of models cooking
18. The arrival of Baby West
19. National Lasagna Day
20. Short-sleeve oxford shirts

1. High-fiving little kids
2. A/C drips
3. Hungover golf
4. Pond swimming
5. Calling 2013 the Summer of Anything
6. Gooch sweat
7. Realizing you’ve been mispronouncing words all your life
8. Loose change
9. Seafood towers
10. Banana-flavored anything
11. People who are terrible at walking
12. Mosquito bites on your face
13. When you jam a finger and it stays that way for what feels like 10 years
14. When people criticize your food then ask for some of it
15. People who think it’s OK to film important events with an iPad
16. Suspect pool water
17. Flavorless popsicles
18. Missing the previews before a movie
19. Ten-percent-off sales
20. When the inside of your car is hotter than it is outside