Being undercover is hard work. When infiltrating a criminal operation and trying to take it down from the inside, one slip-up could literally mean life or death. Not only do you have to convince others that you're someone else, but you also have to be able to call to mind any number of details of your forged identity at a moment's notice, all while keeping straight precisely which identity you are currently embodying. In short, when you're a covert federal agent, your cover is everything.

This is the lesson that FBI rookie Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) quickly learns in USA Network’s new original series Graceland. Fresh out of the academy, Warren is sent off to the titular house, where he begins his undercover training with legendary FBI agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata). Briggs, though brilliant, certainly seems to have an aversion to the rules, and he promptly teaches Mike the second crucial lesson of his young career: forget the book; it wasn’t written for you.

As you'll see in the pictures above, Warren, Briggs, and the other federal agents living at Graceland go undercover in a variety of worlds, requiring everything from intricate tats to sweet surf moves. Make sure to check out Graceland when it premieres Thursday, June 6th, at 10/9c, only on USA. 'Til then, try not to blow your cover.

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