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An anonymous source has revealed that Arkane Studios, the developers beyond Dishonored, may be re-vitalizing the long-overdue Prey 2. More interestingly, that it may be happening against some of the developers’ wishes, according to Kotaku.

Essentially, if the information is accurate, Bethesda recently forced the languishing Prey 2 on Arkane Studios Austin, following a torturous limbo for the sequel’s original developer Human Head. Reportedly now Bethesda is having Arkane Austin start development over from scratch, using System Shock as a baseline inspiration. The game is now projected to release in 2016, though obviously nothing has been said officially as of yet.

Given the amount of delays Prey 2 has had already ­– it debuted at E3 2011 – you have to wonder why, if true, Bethesda would want Arkane to take on the game if it’s not even supposed to be similar to its initial incarnation. And what does this mean for the future of Dishonored?

The answers probably won’t come at E3 (or anything else anytime soon), but check out all the details at the link below.

Via Kotaku