Director: Jon Turteltaub 

Phenomenon came out at the peak of John Travolta’s ‘90s comeback; it was also one of the star’s first films that caused rumblings that perhaps his projects were somehow influenced by his admiration for Scientology. Travolta plays a man named George Malley, who develops strange mental abilities after being subjected to strange lights in the sky on his 37th birthday. These abilities include telekinesis, advanced intelligence, and the power to formulate ideas and concepts beyond the comprehension of a normal individual.

His character’s powers of the mind closely mimic those spoken of in the religion. In Scientology, this stage of mental prowess is known as The Clear, or an individual untethered by unwanted emotions or trauma. Hubbard theorized that these people are able to think clearly and absorb new information as well as remember everything from their past perfectly.

There are many instances like this throughout the film where Travolta’s character is depicted as the type of ideal human that Scientology teaches about. However, there are also countless allusions to the New Testament and the life of Jesus Christ. It's not definitive, but we find it hard to believe that the folks involved in the film didn't notice the similarities.