Microsoft has just announced that it's teaming up with the struggling Best Buy retail chain to bring 'Windows Stores' to 600 locations. In America, 500 Best Buys will get the Windows Store addition, and in Canada, 100 Best Buy and Future Shop retail stores will be receiving them. For the launch, Microsoft is helping to train 1,200 Best Buy employees, so they become familiar with the Windows products that will be on display. They even released a fancy new commercial (which you can see above) that shows what the Windows Store will look like—which, for the most part, looks like an Apple Store with a little more blue thrown about. 

Best Buy has been in financial trouble for years now, as Amazon and eBay have become the go-to places to find deals that don't require a drive to a store. Will this motivate you to take a trip down to Best Buy, or is it a little too late?

[via The Verge]