If you're a rapper and one of your viral videos gets you in trouble with the law, it's time to either revise your marketing plan or simply hang it up. Michael "Rab" Garrett is facing a ten year sentence for allegedly hiring a film crew to travel with him and his Brownsville-based collective Together Forever Mafia to Scranton, Pa. to film a drug deal last year.

Garrett, 38, was caught after one of his associates was pulled over by state troopers in Pennsylvania and snitched on him. The video, reportedly titled “The Team Heads out to Binghamton, N.Y. and Scranton, PA.,” showed two vehicles leaving Brooklyn and newspaper headlines reporting a drug arrest for the possession of weed and a special brand of heroin hilariously titled "Monster Mash."

Court papers say the video also showed Garrett reacting to the news, then collecting "piles of cash" while talking on the phone to his lawyer. However, Garrett's actual attorney James Lisa insists that this is all simply part of his client's persona. "If he’s a drug dealer, I’m a kangaroo, because he doesn’t even have enough money to pay me," he told the New York Daily News.

In our eyes, the only crime that Garrett is guilty of is being a 38-year-old "aspiring" rapper. That ship has sailed, bruh.

[via New York Daily News]