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Here's a little science lesson courtesy of actor Michael Douglas—in a recent interview with The Guardian, Douglas went into some details about his battle with throat cancer, specifically where it may have come from. We'll just let him tell you:

Asked whether he now regretted his years of smoking and drinking, usually thought to be the cause of the disease, Douglas replied: "No. Because without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV [human papillomavirus], which actually comes about from cunnilingus."

Douglas, the husband of Catherine Zeta Jones, continued: "I did worry if the stress caused by my son's incarceration didn't help trigger it. But yeah, it's a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer. And if you have it, cunnilingus is also the best cure for it."

Now, let's all try to forget those visuals Douglas' words may have drummed up and move on. In a consulting interview with The Guardian, London head and neck surgeon Mahesh Kumar commented that Douglas' form of cancer could very well have been caused by a certain strain of HPV—type 16, specifically—but was skeptical that it was the reason for Douglas' cancer.

Additionally, Dr. Kumar stated that Douglas' claim that more oral sex is some sort of medical cure: "Maybe he thinks that more exposure to the virus will boost his immune system. But medically, that just doesn't make sense." Let's all make of this what we will.

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