During an interview with Bravo host Andy Cohen for 92nd Street Y, Martha Stewart admitted to knowing how to roll the perfect doobie. Better yet, when asked whether or not she had the skill set to do so, the TV personality responded with confidence, "Of course I know how to roll a joint!" She even called out a young stoner couple she drove by for smoking a "sloppy" spliff.

Who wouldn't believe Stewart's skill set isn't limited to teaching you how to trim your Christmas trees? Lest you forget, she spent some time in lock-up for insider trading. Translation, she's already a proven BAMF.

Of course, she goes on to say that she developed the skill rolling cigarettes back in her day. However, she lived through the '60s, so we're taking her word with an entire shaker of salt. 

The interview also features the 71-year-old business magnate playing a game of Fuck Shag, Marry, or Kill, the options being Bill Gates, Mayor Bloomberg, and Donald Trump. She'd bed Gates, marry the mayor, and axe Trump, an answer that got a huge round of applause from the audience because, well, duh.

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[via 92nd St. Y