Following the damage that Hurricane Sandy did to New York City, officials have gone to extra measures to make sure the city is better prepared to handle future events of that magnitude. As a result, city officials have released an updated map of hurricane evacuation zones. Zones 1 through 6 will replace Zones A, B and C, and will include another 600,000 New Yorkers previously unaccounted for by the old zones.

"The new zones incorporate the best-available data and will help the City to more effectively communicate to those most at risk depending on the characteristics of a particular storm. New Yorkers should go to or call 311 to find out if their homes or businesses fall within the boundaries of a new city hurricane evacuation zone," said deputy mayor for operations Cas Holloway

You can find out which zone you're a part of here. The maps above show, in order: the Rockaways, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, downtown Brooklyn and lower Manhattan.

[via Gothamist]