Last night’s edition of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was for all of the people who don’t know when to leave well enough alone. This includes hardheaded buzzards who don’t know that he don’t wanna love you the right way; beautiful women with severe daddy issues; conspiracy theory-loving rappers prone to probation violations; deluded women who couldn’t catch a pattern if it showed up in its most generic form: calling you crazy on national television; horrible husbands who are an embarrassment to penises the world over; and K. Michelle.

Although there wasn’t nearly enough Joseline Hernandez featured last night, yesterday’s episode was one of the best this season. There was drama, near academic conversations about weaves, apologies, sprinkles of Jesus, and a fight. Speaking of that, no, I don’t encourage violence. Yeah, I did yell, “HIT HER!” at the TV, though. No, I don’t really feel bad about it, but yes, I know that makes me trifling. Oh well. 

So much happened last night, so allow me to get my Karlie Redd on and spread as much information as I can to as many people as humanly possible. There’s the shade, now here come the lessons.

Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)