Kick-Ass 2 has yet to hit theatersit's due for an August release datebut there's already some drama stewing behind the scenes. Star Jim Carrey, who portrays Colonel Stars and Stripes in the film, took to his Twitter today to voice his distaste for the violence present in the film, commenting that he "cannot support" the project any more because of the tragedy in Sandy Hook.

The tweets:

Somewhere, Jim Carrey's PR rep is probably having a breakdown. Two things: One, for a major actor such as Carrey to put down a gigantic film he's just starred in before it's even released is a very huge deal, and two, we have to wonder, what sort of violence is he talking about? As Bleeding Cool points out, the first Kick-Ass film made a lot of attempts to discuss "a culture of violence," and if the sequel is similar, any graphic violence serves to aid a point. Then again, Kick-Ass 2 hasn't been released yet, so it's safe to say Carrey knows more about the final cut of the film than anyone else.

Anyway, it's safe to say we probably shouldn't expect to see Jim Carrey working the press junkets for this project. We suppose when your net worth gets to be over $100 million, you can afford to bite the hand that feedsand really, you've gotta give the guy some respect for being honest about his opinions. 

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[via Bleeding Cool]