A man who racked up a $70 bill at an Illinois restaurant has been sentenced to three years behind bars for trying to ditch his tab. Anthony M. Malabehar of Charleston ordered a full meal with appetizers, steak and lobster at Alamo Steak House but refused to pay for the meal. When his server asked him to oblige, he reportedly said "I need to tell you a secret. I don't have any money." 

General manager Alex Schmink phoned police, who arrested the 47-year-old and shuttled him to Coles County jail, a place he was already familiar with—he has just served a 60-day sentence for stealing from another restaurant. Malabehar plead guilty to the crime on Apr. 4, and though his crime would typically warrant a misdemeanor charge, he was hit with a felony due to his criminal record. 

Thanks to his history and inability to offer anything remotely close to a reason for his crimes, he was issued a three year jail sentence.

[via The Huffington Post]