Last Saturday, Harmony Korine, director of Gummo and Spring Breakers, received the Filmmaker on the Edge prize during the Provincetown Film Festival. As part of the ceremony, Korine spoke with famed Pink Flamingos director John Waters. Waters said a friend described Spring Breakers as the most irresponsible movie he'd ever seen, and when Waters asked Korine what he thought was the most irresponsible movie ever made, Korine answered, "Forrest Gump." He's out here doing god's work, people.

This writer is inclined to agree with Korine. Forrest Gump, in addition to being the world's most expensive Dr. Pepper advertisement, is a mess, a meat grinder of a motion picture that trivializes as many serious political moments from America's past as it can fit in its greedy mouth. It turns history into Hallmark cards, all while wearing the same dopey grin. The Black Panthers, Watergate—Tom Hanks' bumbling fool turns them all into cute punchlines.

Korine also spoke to Waters about an unfinished project, Fight Harm, and asked for details about allegedly stealing from Meryl Streep. For more on their conversation, check out the Film Society at Lincoln Center's website.

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[via Film Linc]