It's summer again, and in addition to it being time for obsessing over your failure to attain abs (again) and find a short-lived, purely physical romance, it is time to get back to your favorite amusement parks. The roller coasters get most of the play when you think about the greatest rides the nation's best parks have to offer, but there are also a number of great water rides, dark rides, and attractions spread out across the country's best amusement parks that everyone should experience at least once.

We took a look at some of the fastest, scariest, wettest, and most creative amusement park attractions in the country to make a list of rides you can't miss. If you find yourself wearing a fanny pack and buying $7 bottled water in some America's favorite parks this summer, do yourself a favor and check out as many of these thrilling attractions as you can. These are The 25 Greatest Amusement Park Rides in America.

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