Shaun Paul Williams thought he had found love. Williams reportedly met  a woman known only as "Tree" in a Florida convenience store two weeks ago and the two exchanged information. Williams agreed to meet Tree at the same convenience store last Friday, and he should've known something was up when he got in the car and saw that Tree has brought company—two other dudes, one of whom she said was her brother.

Williams really should've known something bad was about to happen when the vehicle ended up in a cow pasture. Rather than try to escape, Williams went to relieve himself; when he returned, he was hit in the head with a metal object and ordered to hand over his money and clothes. When he didn't follow orders quick enough, one of the men pointed a gun at him. Date officially ruined.

The assailants drove off with $200, his driver's license, cell phone and clothes. A sheriff's deputy eventually discovered the bloodied Williams and took him to the hospital. The moral of the story is to never trust anyone who brings muscle on a first date. Or anyone who tells you their name is "Tree."

[via Gawker]