With every new medium Superman conquered, he reached more and more people, and in 1952 he found his way into every home in America with the debut of the TV series, The Adventures of Superman. Starring George Reeves and Noel Neill, this show lasted six seasons and saw the character make his first steps into the world of color during the later seasons.

The series was a huge hit in the beginning, and despite never featuring comic book villains or plots, it was a sensation with kids everywhere. Reeves’ mild-mannered portrayal of Clark Kent and his jovial version of Superman is what Midwestern values are all about. Sure, it's campy and formulaic, but watching Reeves bend steel with his bare hands and leap head-first out of windows never gets old.

If the serials, animated shorts, and radio show introduced the world to Superman, this series proved that he was here to stay. Unfortunately, the success became more of a burden than a blessing to Reeves, who took his own life a year after it went off the air. Thus, this show was the beginning of what has become known as “The Superman Curse.”