With Lois & Clark coming to an end, the world needed its Superman fix somehow. Thankfully, in September of 1996, Warner Brothers, with the guidance of producer Bruce Timm, unleashed Superman: The Animated Series onto Saturday mornings. Timm, along with Paul Dini and Alan Burnett, were already well-known for revolutionizing animation with Batman: The Animated Series, so it only made sense that the next project they tackled would be the Man of Steel.

Running for four years, The Animated Series followed in the footsteps of John Byrne’s comic book reboot, but it also introduced elements that Jack Kirby brought to the comics in the ‘60s and ‘70s, such as the New Gods and Darkseid. Armed with some stellar action and smooth animation, this show is still the standard that all other Superman cartoons are compared to. After more than 50 years of waiting, fans of the character had a cartoon to watch that matched, if not surpassed, the Fleischer Studios shorts.