So, how 'bout Sunday's Game of Thrones, huh? Yeah...if you haven't yet seen the episode, spoiler alert, things happened. Even bigger SPOILER ALERT: Pretty much everyone, including lead characters Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, and pregnant Talisa Stark, were all murdered during poor Edmure Tully's wedding to the surprisingly hot Roslin Frey. This was because Robb Stark effectively G.O.B. Bluth'd his life, and made a huge mistake marrying Talisa instead of sticking to the promise he made to Walder Frey and marrying Roslin himself.

And so, everyone died. And since series author George R. R. Martin loves rubbing salt in gaping, angry wounds, this insanely bloody slaughter all happened while Arya Stark was just outside, moments away from being reunited with her mother and brother after two whole seasons of being in hiding. 

People had a lot to say about the gut-wrenching episode—most did so on Twitter, though the video reactions were plentiful as well—but no one had a more perfect reaction than Arya Stark herself, actress Maisie Williams. In a Vine posted last night, Williams perfectly recapped the Red Wedding episode:

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[via @maisie_williams]