City: Philadelphia
Address: 1003 Arch St.
Capacity: 1200
Coolest Feature: The stage curtain retains that burlesque show aesthetic

In 1870, the Arch Street Opera House opened its doors, eventually changing its name to the Trocadero Theatre, or simply "the Troc." Originally used for burlesque and vaudeville performances, the theater thrived as an art house cinema through the '70s before making the transition to a dance club during the sweat-soaked mid-'80s. It was a short-lived phase, as it quickly became a popular destination in Philly for live music.

The Trocadero has undergone several changes over its 140-plus years of existence, but remains the lone Victorian theater from the 19th century still operating in the country. In 1973, it joined the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places and was added to the U.S. Register of Historic Places in 1978. The Troc is the type of place where you can witness Ghostface Killah solicit song requests from the crowd during an encore, and praise the Philadelphia Eagles, despite being a New York Giants fan.