City: Miami
Address: 2826 North Miami Ave.
Capacity: 300
Coolest Feature: The El Bolero Room

This 3,500-square-foot venue, located in the historic Wynwood Arts District, is the best indie club in Miami for live music, hands down. It features two rooms and an outdoor patio. The first floor sports two Vairline monitors and an 8' x 16' stage, while another monitor downstairs displays the main stage's action. It's small, only holding a maximum of 300 people, but the parking lot can be used as an outdoor venue on particularly packed nights (if you're down with that kind of vibe).

In 2011, it added another weapon to its repertoire: the El Bolero Room. Inspired by 1940s-era Chicago, it's decked out with antique decorations that were lifted from consignment shops. It's the obvious place to go once you're done checking out the art in Wynwood.