A recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York breaks down how student loan debt is spread out across the country via a series of graphs and maps. Unfortunately for D.C. residents, the District is home to the largest collection of student loan debt in America, and that's not even the most depressing takeaway from the maps.

First off, student loan debtwhen included as part of the national debtis increasing. At the moment, student loan debts are more likely to be delinquent than any other loan. At just under 26 percent, D.C. has a larger portion of residents with student loan debt than any other state and the highest average debt by individual at $41, 230. 

Though the loan delinquency rate in D.C. is low, those figures are still pretty upsetting. There's only one solution: work a high-paying job that you hate to pay off that debt.

[via Federal Reserve Bank of New York]

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