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Bad news: Iron Man director Jon Favreau's next film project won't include Tony Stark. Good news, though: It will include franchise star Robert Downey Jr., who is basically Tony Stark in real-life anyway. According to Variety, the actor has been cast in Favreau's next film Chef, which is described as an "indie ensemble comedy" that's set to shoot this summer in LA.

Downey's role is unspecified, but he'll be starring alongside Sofia VergaraJohn LeguizamoBobby Cannavale, and Favreau himself in the film. Plot-wise, the project focuses on Favreau's character, a man who, after losing his job as a chef, starts up a food truck to "reclaim his artistic promise and...his estranged family." In addition to starring, Favreau wrote the script and will be directing the project.

Can Downey just play a rival food truck owner with him Favreau exchanges a lot of glares with? Think of the GIF possibilities!

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