The NYPD is currently on the hunt for a man who allegedly robbed a 3-year-old of $500. We'll get to why a 3-year-old has $500 in a minute—actually, nah, why the hell would a 3-year-old ever in life have $500 on them? There's a logical explanation: Police say the toddler was inside of a liquor store with his mother on Friday night when he took the money out of her pocket. Large sums of money attract curious children. 

The suspect must've peeped this, because he took the money from the child and made his escape. Police are asking anyone with additional information to visit the Crimestoppers website or call 1-800-577-TIPS. Taking advantage of a child is one of the cruelest crimes there is; hopefully this man will be brought to justice quickly.

[via Gothamist]