Too often, high school pranks land kids behind bars. Kaitlyn Booth, a student at Hickman High School in Columbia, MO, was charged with a felony after changing a classmate's last name to "Masturbate" in school yearbook. Booth and the "victim," Raigan Mastain, were both members of the yearbook committee. While Mastain admitted to being kind of annoyed by the stunt, she also says she isn't that bothered by it. It's odd; the girls got along prior to the incident. What sullied their relationship?

The school, on the other hand, was bothered. They were able to save the day by placing stickers over Mastain's name, but the prank affected 720 yearbooks and could've cost the school up to $41,000. Booth was charged with felony property damage.

[via Gawker]