While not technically a 'video game' per se, we consider Haunting Melissa a jumping off point for what's going to become a trend in digital entertainment.

Haunting Melissa is an interactive horror experience for your iOS device from Neal Edelstein, the producer of such horror outings as The Ring and Mulholland Drive. We got to test the app out on an iPad and, for real, it looked dope. The episodic interactive fiction experience centers around the mysterious disappearance of Melissa after she decides to investigate the locked room at her family's farm house. The same room where her mother went mad and died.

Yeah. Isolated farmhouses, ghosts, and a locked room teeming with paranormal rumblings. What could possibly go wrong? 

The live-action horror story will be delivered to your device in installments, and here's the best bit,  this frighteningly haunting story is released in sporadic deliveries that will leave you constantly guessing, and constantly engaged. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think.

Check out their website right here to learn more.

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