Cedric Cuthbert—a Disney World custodial manager and pastor at Methodist Episcopal Church in Florida—was caught watching child pornography in his office. Cuthbert was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff's Department this week for allegedly using his work computer (come on, man) to send creepy messages to minors and download kiddie porn.

Authorities became aware of Cuthbert's shockingly inappropriate behavior when he kept trying to access a blocked website. Just for the record, your employer can monitor your online activity. That's why that gate is in place. Anyway, he was also sending messages to young girls on YouTube, attempting to get them to send him private videos for the worst of reasons.

He reportedly used the same computer to write sermons—has he no shame? If that doesn't gross you out enough, this will: semen samples were recovered from his office. He's been bailed out of jail and ordered to stay away from children, with the exception of his two young sons. Good luck explaining this to them.

[via Gawker]