When an animated series runs for as many seasons as Family Guy has, it tends to gather not only a large amount of episodes, but characters as well. Case-in-point: The dedicated guys over at CableTV.com put together an interactive infographic featuring a whopping 80 of Family Guy's most memorable characters. Even cooler, hover over their faces to see their names, relation to other characters, and little bits of trivia about them. Even Kool-Aid Man is there! 

That's not all, though - in addition to the infographic, the site is also holding a contest for readers, with prizes including Family Guy Volume 1-10 DVDs and the Monopoly Family Guy board game. To enter, you just have to take a look at the infographic and hover over it to find the secret character with the hidden message, then click it to submit your name. Easy!

Head on over here to check it out.

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[via CableTV]