There are few options available for those who want their smartphone to stand out from the pack. You could buy one that very people have, though, if few people have it, it's probably for good reason. You could get a cool case for you phone, or you can get it customized by a company like ColorWare. Or, if you've got enough coin you can cop one that costs as much as an Audi R8. If you go that last route, you'll probably wind up looking at a Ulysse Nardin Chairman

Born out of a partnership between Scientific Cellular and the legendary Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin, the Chairman is as opulent as phones come. It's available in a variety of precious metals and can be iced out with 17-karat diamonds. It also runs Google's Android operating system, so it can run apps and play games, and has a scratch resistant touchscreen protected by sapphire glass, so it won't get damaged when thrown into a pocket with a Bentley key. 

So, what makes a phone worth so much money? Keep reading.