No one should experience the side effects of synthetic marijuana, so the Department of Health in D.C. has launched an aggressive ad campaign to scare the youth away from it. The mascot for the campaign is the K2 Zombie, and while zombies are so 2012, the ads exhibit how synthetic marijuana can ruin what would be an great time otherwise. 

Another facet of the campaign is a pool called "In Your Hood" where teens are quizzed about where they've encountered synthetic weed, and a page targeting parents asks the daring question "What are your kids hiding from you?" That one's probably going to get a lot of innocent kids in trouble. 

This initiative must continue to be tenacious, because, as Fox 5 in D.C. proved, it's still easy to obtain synthetic marijuana from several spots—mainly convenience stores—in the DMV area.

[via Washington City Paper]

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