We all know that Dark Souls is a stressful game – you can barely play for more than a few minutes without something making an attempt on your life. Compared to the simplified, more workman-like visuals of Demon’s Souls, though, the dread world of Lordran is a great deal prettier (even if it’s still relatively basic compared to many games).

Still, there’s a majesty and unease that surrounds Lordran that goes beyond the game’s engine, a kind of desolate beauty one can only really appreciate after coming to fear and respect lands that can so easily break you.

The almost 12-minute video below captures the methodical sentiment of Dark Souls perfectly, from the dank dungeons of Sen’s Fortress to the Khazad-Dum-esque Demon Ruins (all to Phillip Glass' appropriately-Gregorian accompaniment "Prophecies").

Yeah, this is clearly straight-up aesthetic porn for Souls fans. Watch it anyway.

Via Reddit