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Last week, a fight between a barber and a stylist at a Staten Island barbershop left one man dead. 31-year-old Timothy Evans stands accused of punching 22-year-old Michael Alao at the Forever Friday's barbershop on April 30 during an argument over broken clippers. Alao would later die as a result of his injuries.

According Evans' statement, the hostility stems from a confrontation he and Alao had the day before Alao's death. He says Alao approached him disrespectfully, and though he tried to walk away from the confrontation, Alao wouldn't let up. Evands identified Alao as the aggressor, saying that he only punched him in self defense.

Evans struck Alao once in the head, leading to a skull fracture sustained during his fall. He died six days later at Richmond University Medical Center. Alao's mother and girlfriend say the fight was all just a misunderstanding, as the clippers were actually broken by kids.

The barbershop's owner insists the entire incident was accidental. “They worked side-by-side...I gave the police the video [surveillance]. You can see he slipped and fell,” John Brumble says. Though the investigation remains open, Evans was charged with third degree assault.

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