We hope whatever cheap Chinese prison labor cotton that pillow is made out of is super absorbent. It's going to have to be, soaking up all those tears of owners of the Mega Man Arm Blaster Pillow is no easy job.

Yes, that's right. You thought hardcore gamers may have had a reputation for extending the shelf lives of their V cards before, but with the proud purchase of this wildly unneeded merchandise tie-in, your virginity is guaranteed to stay intact forever. The Mega Man arm cannon pillow and helmet will only set you back $61, which is a steal considering how much money you might have spent taking women out on dates.

It's like a retirement account that you can wear/masturbate into. Sold by E-Capcom, this pillow set will not only get you all of the wrong kind of attention in that Internet cafe, but is also machine washable. What do you think? Got 60 bucks burning a whole in your pocket? Given up on life entirely? Let us know what you think.