Earlier this week, New Jersey State Troopers came across a woman with an unusually ample bosom. That's because her bra was filled with 333 packets of heroin. Troopers pulled Kim Decker over on Route 80 in Rockaway Township after noticing her reckless driving.

As her passengers exited the vehicle, police noticed a wax fold, which is typically the tell-tale sign that heroin is somewhere in the vicinity. That's when Decker, 54, owned up to carrying the drugs in her bra. Assorted drug paraphernalia was also found inside of the vehicle. Police arrested Decker and charged her with heroin possession and intent to distribute.

The other passengersErnest Broadwell and William Malony, both 51—were also arrested. Broadwell was charged with possession and intent to distribute, but it's still unclear what he was charged with. As for Decker, she's 54shouldn't she be past the whole stuffing her bra thing?

[via NY Daily News]